Skincare & Beauty Studio



Getting Prepared: 

1.  It is recommended that you cleanse your hair and face before we begin services. 

2. Please arrive with your hair dry and on time.  It is recommended to have a consultation prior to your appointment. If consultation is not made please bring in photos to direct your makeup artist/ stylist.

3.  It is best to wear a button up blouse.  Please advise your entire group of these recommendations. 

4.  Prices may vary depending on length of hair, number of body tattoos to cover up, makeup application, extensions, and hair style.

5.  Prices stated are at studio location. Travel and on-site fees are extra.

6.  Deposit of $100 is required by cash,check,or VISA/MASTERCARD & signing of contract within 90 days of set date.  If cancelled after contract is signed, you will lose your deposit.

7.  Any other Spa services (Brazilian waxing, brow waxing, pedicures, manicures, etc.) may be scheduled with the spa coordinator. 

8.  After reviewing the contract & relaying it to your group please sign the original contract. Please keep the black & white copy for your records & mail original w/ deposit.

 Photography by Laura Fulmer 

Photography by Laura Fulmer